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Tree Types


Balsam Fir


Balsam Fir tree

  • Very fragrant
  • Old-fashioned
  • Short dark green needles
  • Very good needle retention
  • Firm branches that support light-heavy decorations




Spruce tree
  • Black Hills Spruce – light to dark shades of green
  • Colorado Spruce – bluish hue
  • Some varieties have a unique fragrance
  • Very short, stiff needles
  • Needle retention – best if cut about 2 weeks before Christmas
  • Very strong branches


Norway Pine


Norway Pine tree
  • Firm, deep green, very long needles
  • A uniquely western mountain fragrance
  • Excellent needle retention
  • Strong branches


Fraser Fir


Fraser Fir tree
  • One of the most popular trees
  • Mildly fragrant
  • Short needles – dark green on top and silver on the underside
  • Excellent needle retention
  • Strong branches that can support heavier decorations


White Pine


White Pine tree
  • Delicate, extremely full look, great for decorating with light weight ornaments
  • Very mild fragrance
  • Soft, green, very long needles
  • Excellent needle retention


Canaan Fir


Canaan Fir tree
  • Cross between Balsam and Fraser
  • Fragrance of Balsam
  • Look of a Fraser Growing in popularity