We are now closed for the 2018 season. Have a fun, safe Christmas. We hope to see you again in 2019!

458 Rice Lake Road

Somerset, WI 54025





FAQs about Our Christmas Tree Farm


Where is your farm?

Western Wisconsin: about 50 minutes from the Twin Cities, 40 minutes from River Falls, 30 minutes from Stillwater, Hudson, and Amery, and 20 minutes from New Richmond and Osceola.


Do I bring my own saw?

We provide handsaws and a drag tarp. Power saws of any kind cannot be used. We supply everything you need to get a great tree.


Can I bring my pet?

Of course, pets are family and fun, but keep them on a leash.


What about allergies?

Most people who have allergies to evergreen trees are bothered by the pollen produced in the spring and have no problems with Christmas trees in winter.


Does Santa ever come to the farm?

Sometimes, but it depends on HIS schedule.


What do you have besides trees?

Wreaths, garland, swags, cemetery crosses, tree toppers, Christmas tree ornaments, gift shop, refreshment wagon, and children’s activities.


What’s the best way to keep my tree fresh?

Put your tree in water. We have tree stands with the center drill system. This allows you to set your tree up in seconds - perfectly straight the first time.


How long does it take for the tree to grow?

The average 8 ft. fir tree has been growing 10-14 years.


What do trees cost?

Trees are individually priced in the fields by size and kind. Prices start at $35. We accept cash, check, credit and debit cards.


Do you have more questions?


The National Christmas Tree Association can answer many other great questions you may have about Christmas Trees like:

  • What do I put in the water to make my tree last longer
  • Is there really a fire hazard with a real tree
  • What kind of tree smells the best
  • And other good questions you might want answers to…


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